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  • Wordpress quick install question

    I'm apologizing in advance for the dumb question. I'm a novice.

    I did the Wordpress quick install, and the first time set it up under /index. Then, decided I wanted to have it point to a sub-folder off my main site, so under "manage installations" i deleted that one and re-installed under /blog.

    Changing my mind again (woman's prerogative and all), I deleted that one as well, and tried to re-install a third time with the wordpress site as my homepage. However, now, when I try to set it up with no extension (or a /index) extension, it will not allow me, because it says the /index page already exists.

    When I got mysite/index, i get the /index of /index page.

    How do I delete this so that I can re-install wordpress to direct there?

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    We recommend using an FTP application like Cyberduck (link) or Transmit (link), which will allow you to connect directly to your server space where you can manually remove any files that you need.
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      1st if you use one of the one click installers Which it sounds like you have you need to make sure you have uninstalled all versions of WordPress using that system 1st.

      Then I would use what was mentioned above an FTP client make sure all the WordPress files had been removed from public_html. Then you could do one of 2 things reinstall using the one click install or download WordPress install and it manually

      Additionally you can run WordPress files in a subdirectory such as "blog" OR "wordpress" which would mean the WordPress files would be available at "" which you can then remap in WordPress to your naked domain name ""

      This is what I actually do for my WordPress installs keeps "public_html" very clean

      Here's the relevant WordPress Codex: Giving WordPress Its Own Directory Website | Facebook | Twitter
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