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  • Questions about WebDisk

    I've followed the instructions to set up and access WebDisk to the point where it is mounted on my desktop.
    I double clicked the icon and entered my WebDisk username and password. Clicked connect, and now all it is doing is continually trying to connect.

    It shows a spinning circle of dots and the word Connecting......


    Am i doing anything wrong? The password and name is the one i set up for WebDisk.

    I'm on a Mac running 10.6.8


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    That's strange.... are you able to login with a WebDAV client like Transmit ( I'm hoping we can produce either a successful connection or an error.
    MacHighway President and Founder


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      Just discovered the problem.

      I just entered the username without the '@domain name' at the end. I can now access the WebDisk.

      I do have Transmit but haven't tried to access it that way yet.


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        Another question.

        Like Apple's iDisk, can i access the WebDisk in a browser and share links to files?

        E.G. In iDisk i can click on a file and i am given a shared URL that i can send or add to my website so others can download the file.



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          Excellent. I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue.

          You can upload files via WebDisk (or FTP for that matter) for download via a web browser (http), but you don't have a built in method for uploading via a web browser to your WebDisk folder.
          MacHighway President and Founder


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            If you *really* want a web based upload solution, you can set that up by following the instructions here:
            MacHighway President and Founder


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              I am also having difficulty making WebDisk work. I'm using Lion, however. Has anyone successfully connected to their WebDisk using Lion? Is Transmit the recommended client if connection cannot be made via the OS? Thanks.


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                Webdisk for plug-in folders?

                I'm new to Machighway. My site was on mobile me using iweb. I've successfully transferred my site, but I can't figure out how to set up my flashskins plug-in using Machighway. Before I put the folder on my idisk which gave me an url code to put in iweb connecting all files to create a music player. I set up webdisk on my computer and put the folder directly on the webdisk on my computer. Now I can't figure out how to find the correct url to enter in iweb. It was very easy on idisk, so I don't technically know how all of these connections work. I also don't have the lingo to search the forum for answers. Can someone help?


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                  Jenny - I apologize but I'm not familiar with Flashskins so I did a search and arrived at their site. I see their info is for iWeb '08 - which is pretty outdated info. But it may still work, so I'd try to follow these steps as they're written:

                  I hope that helps.

                  MacHighway President and Founder


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                    Too long, didn't read version of below: For customers, Web Disk and FTP are not secure services; instead use FTPS. For admin, when will MacHighway support secure connectivity for WebDisk?
                    The instructions on kb article #29 for setting up WebDisk state to uncheck SSL, as does the similar mention by kb article #136 about certificate errors. Since an SSL option is not available, I think that it would be helpful if MacHighway modified the knowledge base articles making it clear that WebDisk is not a secure method for file transfer. Without a secure connection, user login details are sent in plain text and easily captured. Users should not create a WebDisk account that uses the same admin login/password credentials that are used to administer their Machighway account, website, or that are used for email. Also, because login details are sent insecurely and all data transfer traffic can be eavesdropped, using the Web Disk service should be avoided while connected to free/public/airport/Starbucks wifi. Doing so opens the user's MacHighway password and data to other people on the network. An employer can also easily capture data if a person uses the service at his/her place of employment.

                    An alternative to WebDisk is FTPS which is a secure method of data transfer. MacHighway offers FTPS client account creation as described in KnowledgeBase article 224.* It specifically outlines the procedure for setting up an FTP account (insecure), for which the created account can be forced to use the more secure FTPS (FTP-SSL). Most FTP software should support this more secure method, including the previously mentioned by admin Transmit and the donationware Cyberduck .

                    While I think that MacHighway is a good webhost, this apparent oversight in secure data transmission is not good.

                    * how do I created multiple SFTP accounts (i.e., Cpanel "special ftp accounts")?


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                      WebDAV (aka Web Disk) connects over http. In order to connect over WebDAV, your domain name needs to be pointing to our server. The issue here is that if you don't have a dedicated SSL provisioned for your domain name, secure WebDAV won't work. So, rather than this being a MacHighway policy issue, it's actually a technical issue. If you elect to connect via Secure WebDAV and no valid SSL certificate for your domain name is present, you will have errors rather than a successful connection.

                      That said, I completely agree with you and we will update that article to denote that it is not a secure method of file transfer.

                      As far as SFTP goes, unfortunately, cPanel limits SFTP to the main FTP login credentials and doesn't extend that ability to any additional FTP accounts. Again, this is a technical limitation rather than a changeable policy.

                      I hope that clarifies things.
                      MacHighway President and Founder