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    I use Alpha 8.2 to code html and I use CSSedit for CSS. On the Web I use Drupal for content management sites and I still right the html content with Alpha. I use Cyberduck for FTP and Mac Highway for hosting. Photoshop and illustrator css2 for graphic design and Graphic Converter for format changes. I use Flash 4.5 for active logo work.

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    Im pretty new at coding, but Ive used Dreamweaver CS5. Its way too good/complex for my needs, as my sites and pages are pretty much picture albums for family and pets.
    But DW is a great program and I love to practise with it, learning a lot!
    Im better at hand coding, as Im taking a class and also have 2 friends who help me out.
    I use Mac Highway for hosting too, and use Transmit for my FTP mostly, sometimes Cyberduck for a different site.
    Photoshop is my favourite program.
    Its nice to know what other Mac people use and recommend.


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      I used Dreamweaver back in the 90's among other things. To me it's very "old school". BlueGriffon would be a good free alternative if one wanted something similar to play with.

      IMO - Freeway Pro (or Freeway Express) is the way to go for Mac users!


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        In the next couple of weeks I'm getting Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium. I've been using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for years but the Dreamweaver, Flash Pro and Fireworks will all be new to me (as is web design). On my Amazon Wishlist I've put the Dreamweaver CS6 Classroom in a Book, etc. Will these be good 'starter' guides for me or are there other books someone might recommend. I downloaded a free trial of Freeway Pro but haven't really looked at it - and after buying the Adobe suite I don't have the cash to spend $300-400 more on something that I'm not sure I need or will use.

        Can anyone give me a recommendation for good books out there... when I'm NEW to an Adobe App I have always found that the Classroom in a Book series at least get me pointed in the right direction...


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          hey can anybody help me too


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            What do you need help doing?


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              There's no better all-purpose Mac app for creating beautiful and highly functional websites (from very simple to VERY complex). Why?
              -- incredible user-driven help forums with enthusiastic, experienced users who love to help newbies (and even oldbies like myself). I've posted over 20 queries over the years, most of them answered within a few hours.
              -- to supplement built in templates, there are a vast array of 3rd party templates, reasonably priced.
              -- a vast area of high-quality, reasonably-priced 3rd party plugins that add almost any functionality to your website that you desire.
              -- you can build a beautiful, custom website in just a few hours

              ** I have NO commercial ties to the folks at RealMacSoftware. I just love their product.



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                Looks good, though Ive not used it.
                I do prefer to hand code now that Ive learned how.
                But its probably worth me looking at, as if you like a page you make with it, you can go into the code and do more interesting things.

                Take a look at your blog code, or any page you make with Google pages, or any of these things that you just do by wysiwyg, and its WAY too complex! But with RapidWeaver, maybe this is something that can be avoided.
                I really must give it a whirl, as different options are always fun!
                Thanks, Jane